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Pre-School Karate


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Mixed Martial Arts


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If you want to take your jui jitsu to the next level this is where you need to be. Professor Tavares' passion for BJJ is infectious. You learn a new way to see moves that were in front of you all along, but you you just didn't see them. Amazing.

D. Miaoulis December 21, 2018

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Welcome to Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts

For more than 15 years now, we have been offering training and classes at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts in Bergen County, New Jersey that encourage family participation to achieve fitness of mind and body. Regular training and involvement in our core fitness programs will help you achieve a much higher level of fitness then you are probably used to, and your mental fitness will increase right along with it, because you have the self-confidence that comes from knowing you can defend yourself in all situations.

Since we have classes for men, women, and children, we can accommodate all members of the family, and would like to encourage full-family participation as a means of bonding and healthy living. Children as young as three years of age can begin training in our programs right along with other family members, to begin proper development and pave the way for future fitness of mind and body.

We teach children to grow into becoming leaders!

We offer fun and exciting classes for all students. In doing so, it will bring out the best of every student.
Our striking and grappling programs will build confidence for everyone.

We will help develop the skills needed to succeed in life

We want every student to grow and become leaders in our community and more.
There is no end to the growth of success our students can reach.

Our staff is standing by to show you our facility and what we have to offer you and your family.

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young martial arts students

Pre-School Karate

Martial Arts programs are great tools for getting your child started on a lifelong course of physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Here at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts, pre-school kids develop self-confidence and self-esteem learning Martial Arts in an environment designed especially for children. Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts pre-school students learn valuable lessons that positively impact the rest of their lives. Children develop important life skills and use them at home and at school. Even your child’s teacher will notice the difference when he or she begins training in our top quality Pre-School Karate Kids program.

Attributes like respect and self-discipline become character-building habits at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts. Students training at the Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts facility in Hackensack, NJ learn to respect one another as well as teachers, parents, and instructors. Friendship, trust, and teamwork between instructors and students invariably lead to stronger minds and bodies for pre-school age Karate kids.

With the focus on developing mindfulness (traits like concentration and awareness), our experienced instructors prepare pre-schoolers for successful performance in athletics and academics as well. Teachers and parents soon notice the benefits of training in and out of the classroom. Classes taught by our world-class staff, lead by expert Martial Arts instructors, give students the tools needed to memorize forms (patterns and sequences of movements), basic and advanced techniques, and the quality aspects of our Martial Art. Continual practice of core concepts helps pre-school age children develop memorization and other skills essential for successful pursuits in all aspects of their lives.

Karate For Kids

Karate for Kids classes at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts, in Hackensack, NJ are a great way to instill integrity, courtesy and respect with children in the Hackensack, NJ community. Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts Karate programs teach children of all ages the valuable life lessons of respect, self-discipline, self-control, and the ability to safely defend themselves when needed. The life skills and attributes create an enduring, impactful “Personal Victory” in Martial Arts for kids. The life skills taught by our professional instructors are instrumental in shaping confident, capable, and successful people in today’s society. Interaction with the community, starting at an early age, can be an enriching and pivotal experience for any person.

The Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts academy serves the community with some of the best Karate classes in Hackensack, NJ. Karate for Kids is an with age appropriate curriculum featuring classes specifically aimed at the physical development and mental capabilities of children and adolescents in the family. By measuring the results of the individual student, and by establishing specific goals in the context of the curriculum at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts, Karate For Kids carries over to many other activities, studies, and pursuits in life, particularly for young students. Teaching the skill of dedication to completing an activity, setting and reaching goals, is an important part of the program designed by our instructors.

Together with others their own age, every Karate kid can grow with the self-confidence that a only a high quality Martial Arts program can deliver consistently. The course of self-improvement and leadership offered at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts can ultimately be a key turning point for kids in the family. It’s not hard to see the impact our Karate lessons have on young people – more confidence from within – derived from earning and winning a “Personal Victory” in the Martial Arts.

kids doing mixed martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts

There are several reasons that people choose to take part in a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program. Some use MMA as way to develop self-defense techniques to use in case their lives are in danger. Others take up Mixed Martial Arts because it is a fun, effective, and convenient way for them to exercise and stay in shape. Still others seek competitive titles and even careers as professional practitioners and trainers. If you are looking for a Mixed Martial Arts program in the Hackensack, NJ area, check out what Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts has to offer.

Mixed Martial Arts are a serious way to get or stay in shape, keep focused, and learn to defend yourself. Our classes are appropriately-challenging for all students, from beginners to the most advanced practitioners. At our top notch Mixed Martial Arts training facility in Hackensack, NJ, you will find a program designed and adapted seamlessly to suit your goals and individual needs. The MMA skills we teach come directly from such arts as Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Karate, and other effective disciplines. Friendly, experienced instructors teach our industry-leading course curriculum in a very professional manner to people of all backgrounds, body types, and skill levels.

Martial Arts are used all over the world as as sports, as self-defense, and as a means of physical fitness. Signing up for classes at Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts is a fantastic way to start or improve your fitness routine. Mixed Martial Arts also enhance virtually all of the body’s functions, including our sense of balance (which is vital to improve posture and manage pain). Our Martial Arts instructors make sure that you are always doing the techniques correctly in order to keep you and your practice partner safe from harm. At Bull Shark Mixed Martial Arts, the instructors utilize a format that ensures each student is safely training to achieve his or her own “Personal Victory” in Martial Arts and in life!